Maven plugin

This document describes Judy plugin for Maven tool.


Quick Start

To quickly use Judy in Maven it should add plugin to pom.xml file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns=""



To run Judy call analyze goal. Judy needs compiled classes and tests so build is recommended too.

mvm compile judy:analyze

Advanced capabilities

To change the Judy parameter should add configuration node. It is possible using short name of parameter.


Arguments: production-files, test-files and result-path are set by default. Full list of arguments is available in help goal.

help goal

Example result of help goal

[INFO] Option                         Description                                      
[INFO] ------                         -----------                                      
[INFO] -h, --help                     Print a brief help message.                      
[INFO] -l, --libraries <path>         Path to the library directory.                   
[INFO] -p, --production-files <path>  Path to the production classes directory.        
[INFO] --plugin-manager <class name>  Set a plugin manager. (default: 
[INFO]                                  plugin.SimplePluginManager)                    
[INFO] -r, --production-file-regex    Regex that filters production files.             
[INFO] --result-format                Format of the result output file. (default: json)
[INFO] --result-path                  Location of the result output file. (default:    
[INFO]                                  result.json)                                   
[INFO] -t, --test-files <path>        Path to the test classes directory.              
[INFO] --test-file-regex              Regex that filters test files.  


Example configuration and result of mutation testing using Judy Maven Plugin