Judy - Java mutation tester

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The latest stable Judy release is
Judy 2.1.0
release notes Jan 26, 2014

Mutation testing

What's mutation testing?

  • short and sweet: it allows for automated measuring of your unit test's quality
  • many publications and articles spanning over 30 years of research

So, what's Judy?

  • modern mutation tester written in Java for Java
  • 27 mutation operators (and counting!) to bend your source code into every direction and make sure your unit tests are top-notch
  • cluster support
  • works on Windows and Linux

Got a Question?


First, make sure it's not covered by the documentation.


Found a bug? Head down to our bug tracker and let us know about it!


If all else fails, see the contact page for other ways of reaching us.

To learn more about how to use Judy, check out the Documentation

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